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Seussical The Musical: Presented by Wrightstown High School

This past weekend Wrightstown High School put on their performance of Seussical the Musical.  For those of you not familiar with the show, it is based on many of the famous Dr. Seuss books for children.  The show mainly follows the story  of Horton Hears a Who but also incorporates many other story lines from the other Seuss books.  My wife, who happens to be the co-director of the show, and I thought it would be cool to shoot portraits of the actors considering the show has a very colorful set along with colorful costumes.  We would eventually combine these images to make a poster for the show which the actors could have as a keepsake.  I wanted to shoot everything on a neutral background so the colors in the actor’s costumes would pop out.  The set up was fairly simple considering we had to shoot 11 different shots in about 20 minutes before one of the last dress rehearsals.  The background was lit with a single strobe on a floor stand with a 20 degree grid.  The actors were then lit with a beauty dish on a boom stand and a strip box behind them to camera left to create separation.   Here are some of the images we came up with along with the poster we made.  Thanks for looking.




The Cat in The Hat


Horton the Elephant


General Gengus Khan Schmitz


The Grinch


The Sour Kangaroo