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The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana


Last week, while working down in Louisiana, I had the opportunity to explore the French Quarter of New Orleans.   If you ever get the chance to go there I highly recommend it.  The French Quarter is alive with live music, colorful people, and great food.  As any photographer would, I had a camera along side me. Here are some of my favorite photos I shot.  Thanks for looking.














Happily Ever After Informational Video

A few months back a good friend of mine, and fellow photographer, Mike Roemer approached me asking if I would be willing to help him put together a multimedia video for a local no kill animal shelter in the area called Happily Ever After.  I have been wanting to build up my video portfolio and looked at this as a great way to add a new piece to it.  Not only would it be something I could walk away with, showing off what I could do with video, but also more importantly it would help the Happily Ever After organization to promote them selves which can be hard to do for a non-profit organization.

Going into the project I knew a little about what the organization was all about.  As we dove deeper into the project, I grew to understand why it was important to help promote the Happily Ever After organization.   The organization’s mission states: “Through the work of the sanctuary and its education, adoption, and spay/neuter programs, the mission of Happily Ever After is to provide both temporary and lifetime care to animals and bring about a time when all the companion animals born in to this world will be guaranteed a quality of life in a loving home.”

Amanda Reitz, who started HEA, and her team of volunteers put all their love and care into taking care of companion animals in need.  This was made evident to me right away the first day of shooting.  It also became clear why the project was so important to Mike since he and his wife adopted their dog Chica from the sanctuary.

This was a great project to work on with Mike and the folks at HEA, Especially Amanda and Erin.  I’m looking forward to helping them out again in the future.  For more information about Happily Ever After check out their website.  Thanks for looking.