Packer’s Football And a New Family Member

This past month was a slow month for Ludtke Photography.  Not because there wasn’t any work out there but because my wife and I were expecting our second child  and being around for the birth was a big priority of mine.  Jonah Robert Ludtke was born on June 16th at 7 pounds 14 oz. He is happy and healthy and so are we.

I decided since I hadn’t really made any new work this past month that I would show some of my favorite football photos from the last NFL season.  Anyone who lives in or knows anything about Green Bay knows that this city eats, sleeps, and breathes Green Bay Packer football.  Football season around here starts in the summer when the Packers hold there various camps to gear up for the season. For the past 5 seasons I have had the opportunity to work for the Associated Press allowing me to work every home game. Here are some of my favorite shots from the 09-10 season.

Thanks for looking.

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