Packers vs Colts Preseason Football

Football is in full swing here in Green Bay.  I had the opportunity this past Thursday night to shoot my first football game of the season.  The Packers ended up dominating the Colts with a final score of 59-24.  Too bad it’s only preseason.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the game.  Thanks for looking.


A stadium worker makes her way through the stands a couple hours before kickoff.A stadium worker makes her way through the stands a couple hours before kickoff

Fans cheer on the Packers as they take the field.

Packer’s kicker Mason Crosby talks with Colts kicker Garrett Lindholm

Peyton Manning talks with one of the Colts coaches prior to the game.

Peyton Manning huddles up his team during warm-ups.

Aaron Rodgers throws a pass during warm-ups.

Peyton Manning during warm-ups.

Joseph Addai makes the first big play of the game, a  long run which would result in a Colts touchdown a couple plays later.

Donald Driver breaks the tackle of Colt’s Clint Session.

The Packer’s MorganBurnett and Brandon Underwood break up a Colt’s pass play.

Packer’s Jermichael Finley runs over the Colt’s Jacob Lacey.

Korey Hall and Jermichael Finley celebrate a touchdown.

Followed by one of the nights many Lambeau Leaps.

Aaron Rodgers passes the ball.

Peyton Manning passes the ball.

Donald Driver stretches to make a catch.

John Kuhn’s Lambeau Leap.

And James Jones’ Lambeau Leap.

Peyton Manning upset with a call during the game.

Robert Francois picks up a ball fumbled by Peyton Manning
Jermichael Finley makes a fingertip catch.

Peyton Manning takes a snap from the shotgun.

Colt’s Brody Eldridge

Colt’s Brandon James

Colt’s Pierre Garcon

Peyton Manning scrambles with the ball.

Aaron Rodgers watches the second team offense.

Peyton Manning shares some words with fans in the stands.

Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn joke around on the sidelines.

Peyton Manning not happy with the results of the game

2 thoughts on “Packers vs Colts Preseason Football

  1. Steven Bell

    Do you have any other shots/angles of the James Jones or Jermichael Finley leaps? My family was in the background of this photo, and I would like to find photos that would give a better view of us.

  2. betsy lindholm

    Do you happen to have any other photos of kicker Garrett Lindholm? I see one on this page. I am blowing up some photos for his office. He is now an arena league kicker. Thanks for any info. I would possibly like to blow up this photo you have of him and Crosby on this page.


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