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Dog Portrait and Lighting Diagram : Elinchrom DRX One

Here is a quick portrait I shot of our dog Oscar last week.  I shot this while testing out one of Elinchrom’s new DRX One strobes.  If you aren’t familiar with this light, it is a new 100ws compact monolight from Elinchrom.  It has about twice the power of say a Canon or Nikon Speedlite.  The great thing about it that it is smaller, lighter, and much more compact that the other Elinchrom monolights I own.  Its easy to travel with without taking up a lot of space in cases.  The 100ws worth of power put out by this light is plenty for an indoor portrait for example.  It also can also be powered down low enough level to let you shoot at much faster apertures with strobe lighting.  So far its been a great addition to my lighting gear.  Oh and the best part is it only costs about $225.00.



Canon 1D mkIV 85mm 1/160 F/8



Elinchrom DRX One


Oscar Light Diagram

Lighting Set Up